9 Facts about Law Creating Processes in Ireland

Have you ever wondered how laws are created in Ireland? If the answer is yes, keep reading because in this article we will reveal some facts about the law-making process in this country.

The first thing you should know is that before a new law is passed it is called a bill. Once the President passes a bill, it is added to the Book of Statutes and becomes a law.

Who can introduce a Bill?

Bills that are called government bills can be introduced by government ministers. Other TDs and Senators can also introduce bills, and these are called Private Members’ Bills (PMBs). On the other hand, Senators cannot initiate money bills or bills to amend the Constitution.


To begin the legislative process, the law is drafted first. This draft will be evaluated by a committee and while this is happening, a general outline of the bill may be published.

Scrutiny by an Oireachtas Committee

The relevant Oireachtas Committee will be responsible for scrutinizing both government and private members’ bills.

Post Image 9 Facts about Law Creating Processes in Ireland The Bill is initiated - 9 Facts about Law Creating Processes in Ireland

The Bill is initiated

It is important to know that a government member of politics can introduce a bill, while an opposition member must request permission to introduce a bill. If after submitting the bill it is determined that there is no fault, it will automatically go to the second stage of review.

The General Principles of the Bill are discussed

For a limited time, the officers will be required to state the law under assessment. At the end of this stage, the House will decide whether or not to move the bill to the next stage.

Committee Stage

After the bill has been debated, it is examined section by section where modifications can also be made.

The Report

At this stage, amendments that may have been made during the committee’s review are considered. It is also the last opportunity for Members to amend the text of the Bill if necessary. A final report is made pending approval.

The Project Is Approved

Once the project has gone through each stage, the respective amendments and approval report have been made, the law will be ready for enactment.

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If there were no laws in our society, everyone would live as they wish. Just imagine walking down a big main avenue where everyone could move around in any way possible, it would be a catastrophe.

The same happens with society, we always need laws that make us better citizens and at the same time, it is very important to know those laws and know how they are created.