About Emer Costello

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The team that works in keeping Emer Costello is made up of passionate political activists, led by our founder Danielle Donnelly. If you wanted to find a more dedicated individual who loves getting into the thick of things, you’d have a hard time finding anyone better than Danielle.

It was through her drive and her wonderful displays of eloquence and common sense, that we were drawn to work with her and give birth together to this digital magazine. Oftentimes, we all have different views on certain issues, but we understand that this enriches the nature of the information we choose to share with the world.

What we do for our Readers

In today’s highly biased era, we make an effort to provide our readers with news and reviews written from many different points of view. It is crucial to keep people well informed and able to make good decisions for themselves and society since we understand every vote matters and every opinion counts.

We always aim at creating articles that are interesting and factual, but also easy to read and to understand for everybody. We have received plenty of feedback from both younger and older readers that express how we have helped them understand politics.