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Emer Costello is a well-known digital magazine that targets a variety of audiences and is granted a formal status, because of the nature of our articles.

Advertising with us is different from advertising in a sports magazine, for example, since our readers tend to be more mature and more likely to appreciate certain products and services.

Who is more Likely to Benefit from Advertising Here?

As our magazine deals with topics within the world of European and Irish political news, any political representative or political activist will find our readers to be the perfect target. If you belong to an NGO, this is also the right online spot for your advertising to be displayed.

Although other types of advertisement are also allowed, these are the ones that are more effective with our reader base.

How to Start Advertising Here

If you have made up your mind about advertising with us, the first thing you will have to do is go to our Contact Us page where you can see our email address. Send us an email with your requirements and maybe a little insight as to what your advertisement is about.

Our team will get back to you with a proposal devised to place your advertisement effectively.