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Subscribers to Emer Costello will always be the first to be updated about any new articles we upload to the magazine. We also offer options to let them know about important political events being broadcasted and available for online live stream.

All in all, we make sure all our subscribers are well prepared to keep track of European and Irish politics.

Our Subscription Packages

Affordable Costello

This is our most basic subscription package and it comes with several advantages. For a monthly fee of $10 a month, you will receive notifications in your email about our new articles.

Additionally, there are some articles we upload for subscribers only, as these are more extensive and deal with more specific issues.

Informative Costello

For a monthly fee of $20, subscribers to this package will receive everything the basic offers, with a few interesting add-ons. You will be notified of political rallies near you and any other kind of political events.

We also offer you the chance to participate in monthly raffles for political books and some of Emer Costello’s merchandise.

Costello Deluxe

This package is available for only $30 a month and it includes everything the Informative one has, plus some useful additions. With this package you can customize your notifications entirely, deciding which categories you want to be kept updated on.

We also offer the chance to win a raffle and stand with us at media rooms when political representatives give press conferences. If you wish to keep close tabs on a particular political event, you can also request us to send you notifications regarding this.

The Process to Subscribe

If you feel compelled to subscribe to Emer Costello, the process is quick and simple. You just have to go to our Contact Us page where you will see our email address, as this is the way to send us your request.

You will receive a response with a link to a form you can easily fill, detailing your preferred subscription package and payment methods.